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Pick your Triumph model from the ones pictured below to see the high output alternator options we have for your vehicle.

Triumph GT6-Triumph GT6 high output alternatorsGT6 high ampTriumph alternator conversion
Triumph GT6
Triumph Herald-Triumph Herald high output alternatorHerald Delco alternator conversionHerald high amp alternator upgrade
Triumph Herald
Triumph Spitfire-Triumph Spitfire high output alternatorSpitfire alternator conversionhigh amp alternator for Triumph
Triumph Spitfire
Triumph Stag-Triumph Stag high output alternatorTriumph alternator swapStag alternator conversion
Triumph Stag
Triumph TR2-Triumph TR2 high output alternatorTR2 alternator conversionTR2 high amp alternator upgrade
Triumph TR2
Triumph TR250-Triumph TR250 high output alternatorTriumph alternator conversionDelco alternator swap for Triumph
Triumph TR250
Triumph TR3-Triumph TR3 high output alternatorTR3 alternator conversionTR3 alternator upgradeDelco conversion for Triumph
Triumph TR3
Triumph TR4-Triumph TR4 high output alternatorTR4 Delco alternator conversionTR4 high amp alternator upgrade
Triumph TR4
Triumph TR4A-Triumph TR4A high output alternatorTR4A Delco alternator conversionTR4A high amp alternator upgrade
Triumph TR4A
Triumph TR6-Triumph TR6 high output alternatorTR6 alternator swapDelco conversion for TriumphTR6 alternator conversion
Triumph TR6
Triumph TR7-Triumph TR7 high output alternatorTR7 alternator conversion upgradeTR7 high amp alternators
Triumph TR7
Triumph TR8-Triumph TR8 high output alternatorTR8 alternator conversion upgradeTR8 high amp alternators
Triumph TR8