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Ford Performance Starters 1965 and newer

Tired of having starter problems? Make sure your car will start when its hot. Use one of these custom units and say goodbye to constantly swapping out starters.

Gear reduction for high torque, small size for tight fit installations, and a rotatable nose for versatility, make these starters ideal for custom applications or a great stock replacement.

Upgrade to these new Nippondenso powered starters to get you faster cranking, and better hot starting results. Our custom designed front mounting plates allow rotation of the starter housing in a large number of positions to give you the clearance you need for exhaust, oil pans, suspension, etc.

Shoot us a question if you are not sure which unit you need.

  IMI High Torque

IMI High Torque
1.6HP for compressions up to 11 to 1 $210.00
1.9HP for 11 to 1 or higher compression $240.00
Automatic Trans
3 Speed Manual Trans
4 Speed Manual Trans
5 Speed Manual Trans