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Ford PowerGen Generator to Alternator Conversion

Powermaster has produced a good looking alternator built into a generator case. This will give you great low RPM output. No more dimming lights at idle. These units can produce 75 amps and are a simple 1-wire hookup. They have built-in voltage regulators so the only connection is the output battery cable. These are all 12 volt negative ground units.

The Standard unit is for 1951 and newer Ford vehicles except Flathead V8's. The Flathead Ford are for Early: 1939 - 1948 and Late: 1949 - 1953. They are available in Black Finish or Polished cases.

Standard unit except Flathead V8Flathead V8 from 1939 - 1948Flathead V8 from 1949 - 1953

         Standard except Flathead V8                        Early Flathead V8 1939-1948                      Late Flathead V8 1949-1953


Standard Case -- Black Finish $475.00
Standard Case -- Polished $525.00
Early Flathead V8 -- Black Finish $475.00
Early Flathead V8 -- Polished $525.00
Late Flathead V8 -- Black Finish $475.00
Late Flathead V8 -- Polished $525.00