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12 Volt Negative or Positive Ground

This is a great replacement alternator for upgrading from a 6 Volt system. It can also be used as a high output upgrade on vehicles with a factory 12 Volt generator. These alternators are available in 12V Negative Ground or 12V Positive Ground. It is a 1-wire alternator, so there is only an output cable required for installation. They can also be used to control a dash light by using our W290 wiring harness.

Also see our Brackets section for a quick easy conversion bracket to replace OE generators.

These units are supplied with a pulley. Make sure to measure the width of the belt across the top that you will be using and select the correct pulley to match your belt.

Quality Power
80 Amp Max -- 55 amp idle -- Negative Ground $90.00
80 Amp Max -- 55 amp idle -- Positive Ground $120.00
100 Amp Max -- 65 amp idle -- Negative Ground $100.00
100 Amp Max -- 65 amp idle -- Positive Ground $135.00
Standard 3/8 inch belt
1/2 inch belt -- 2.6 Diameter
5/8 or 3/4 inch belt -- 2 1/2 Diameter
5/8 inch belt -- 3 Diameter
Natural Aluminum Case
Chrome Case add $30.00