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3G Large Case High Output Alternator with Straight Ear Mount


This is our large case Ford 3G high output alternator with straight across mounting ears that will power the most energy demanding accessories on most Ford vehicles. We use them to supply power for Limos, Off-Road, and Emergency vehicles.

Now you can have enough power to run that stereo, off-road lighting, dual batteries, etc. This is our best unit for Ford applications. You have your choice of high output units that will put out up to 250 amps max and a whooping 165 amps at an idle. This high amp 3G alternator makes a great replacement for your early externally regulated alternator or as a high output upgrade for most Ford applications. It is available with an optional wiring harness and instructions that makes it a simple 2-wire hookup. If you have an idiot light or gauge in the dash, this installation will continue to allow those functions to operate properly. The mounting footprint is exactly the same as the original factory alternator used in Ford vehicles from 1964 through 1986 and pulleys will line up with your existing belts. Email us with any questions you may have concerning adaptability.

This alternator can also be used to replace the dual-plug 2G series alternators that Ford issued fire hazard warnings for on vehicles from 1987 through 1993. Use the 1-Wire version of this alternator to replace the factory 2G if you have a volt or amp gauge and our 2G adapter harness if you have an idiot light and this hazard can be eliminated.

NEW! This unit is also available in a high output one wire configuration. For applications where you want to eliminate wiring, this makes for a clean and easy install. Also available in CHROME.

See our brackets section to use this alternator to easily replace old low amp generators.

Quality Power
150 Amp -- 105 amp idle $145.00
200 Amp -- 145 amp idle $295.00
250 Amp -- 165 amp idle $375.00
320 Amp -- 180 amp idle $530.00
Factory style plug-in regulator
1-Wire Regulator add $20.00
Natural Aluminum Case
Chrome Case add $60.00
Single V-Belt
Double V-Belt
6 rib 2.5” Serpentine
8 rib 2.5” Serpentine
6 rib 1.9” overdrive serpentine pulley add $45.00
8 rib 1.9” overdrive serpentine pulley add $45.00
No harness needed
Externally Regulated to Internally Regulated (1G to 3G) add $15.00
New installation wiring kit add $15.00
2G to 3G adapter harness add $7.00