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Chrysler Hairpin - 1

J Mount with Off-Set Ear Right J Mount with Straight Across EarsT Mount StyleDual Spool with rear ear

J Mount Off-set ear    J Mount Straight Ear    T Mount    Dual Spool w/rear ear

These alternators will be a direct bolt-in and plug-in fit for your factory alternator. The only modification would be to upgrade the output cable from the alternator.


Quality Power
Stock 130-160 Amp $310.00
200 Amp Max -- 120 Amp idle $385.00
250 Amp Max -- 140 Amp idle $465.00
320 Amp Max -- 180 Amp idle $525.00
J Mount with Off-set Ear
J Mount with Straight Across Ear
T Mount
Dual Spool with Rear Ear