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GM Hairpin Denso 1

Choose the correct mounting style for your vehicle below. Each of these high output alternators will be a direct bolt-in and plug-in replacement for the factory alternator.

Side Mount  Quad Mount   J Mount with Off-Set Ear Right   Straight Across Ear Mounting

      Side Mount                                Quad Mount               J Mount w/Off-Set Ear Right                 Straight Ear

Quality Power
Stock 125-140 Amp $285.00
200 Amp Max -- 120 Amp idle $355.00
250 Amp Max -- 140 Amp idle $420.00
320 Amp Max -- 180 Amp idle $510.00
Side Mount
Quad Mount
J Mount w/Off-set Ear Right
Straight Ear
Natural Aluminum Finish
Chrome Finish (five days build time) add $60.00
Polish Finish (five days build time) add $60.00