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Odyssey Lineup

Odyssey PC310

PC 310
Used in Motorcycle and ATV applications
Length: 5.43" (138.0mm)
Width: 3.39" (86.0mm)
Height: 3.98" (101.0mm)

PC 535
A very popular battery used in Ducati and Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Length: 6.70" (170.2mm)
Width: 3.90" (99.1mm)
Height: 6.18" (157.0mm)

Odyssey PC 545

PC 545 or 545MJ
Fits Buell, Harley Davidson, Gold Wing, Yamaha ATVs and some Watercraft
Length: 7.00" (177.8mm)
Width: 3.38" (85.9mm)
Height: 5.17" (131.3mm)

Odyssey PC 625

PC 625
A very popular battery for ATVs and Personal Watercraft
Length: 6.70" (170.2mm)
Width: 3.90" (99.1mm)
Height: 6.89" (175.0mm)

Odyssey PC 680

PC 680 or 680MJ
Fits motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and is a great starting battery for small engines
Length: 7.27" (184.7mm)
Width: 3.11" (79.0mm)
Height: 6.67" (169.4mm)

Odyssey PC 925

PC 925 or 925MJ
Used in many large CC bikes and can start any V8 motor. Great for custom car applications where space is an issue. May be mounted on its side.
Length: 6.64" (168.6mm)
Width: 7.05" (179.0mm)
Height: 5.04" (128.0mm)

Odyssey PC 1200

PC 1200 or 1200MJT
A factory replacement for many passenger cars or heavy duty battery for custom cars
Length: 7.87" (199.9mm)
Width: 6.66" (169.1mm)
Height: 6.80" (172.7mm)

Odyssey PC 1230

PC 1230
Factory replacement for many later model vehicles. Fits group size 75 and 86 batteries. Dual terminals.
Length: 9.46" (240.3mm)
Width: 6.99" (177.5mm)
Height: 7.75" (201.2mm) including terminals

Odyssey PC 1400

PC 1400
Fits many new model vehicles. Group size 25 or 35.
Length: 9.46" (240.3mm)
Width: 6.84" (173.7mm)
Height: 8.69" (220.7mm)

Odyssey PC 1500

PC 1500T, 1500R, and 1500DT
Extreme duty replacement for group size 34 and 78 batteries. Great for stereo systems. Available in top post or dual terminal.
Length: 10.85" (275.6mm)
Width: 6.76" (171.7mm)
Height: 7.82" (198.6mm)

Odyssey PC 1700

PC 1700T or 1700MJT
Group 27 replacement
Length: 13.02" (330.7mm)
Width: 6.62" (168.2mm)
Height: 6.93" (176.0mm)

Odyssey PC 1750

PC 1750
Fits Group size 65. Extreme upgrade for Ford Trucks, Vans, and Crown Victoria Police vehicles
Length: 11.83" (300.5mm)
Width: 7.20" (182.9mm)
Height: 7.43" (188.7mm)

Odyssey PC 2150

PC 2150S or 2150T
Great battery for motorhome house batteries or as a secondary battery for stereo systems. Group size 31
Length: 13.00" (330.2mm)
Width: 6.80" (172.7mm)
Height: 9.47" (240.5mm)

Odyssey PC 2250

PC 2250
Can be used to replace group size 8D batteries. Dual terminals. Call us for information on these batteries as they are very heavy to ship.
Length: 11.26" (286.0mm)
Width: 10.59" (269.0mm)
Height: 9.17" (233.0mm)

Odyssey ER 30

PC 950
Perfect battery for racing applications. High amperage output, quick recharge.
Length: 9.8" (250.0mm)
Width: 3.8" (97.0mm)
Height: 6.1" (156.0mm)

Odyssey ER 40

PC 1100
Perfect battery for racing applications. High amperage output, quick recharge.
Length: 9.8" (250.0mm)
Width: 3.8" (97.0mm)
Height: 8.1" (206.0mm)