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Jeep / Willys Starters

These custom designed high torque starters are built to give you more torque and cranking speed because we use off-set gear reduction to increase power. They will replace the factory style starters that do not use a solenoid on the starter.

The one pictured on the left will fit all Jeep vehicles produced from 1968 through 1998 with L6 and V8 AMC engines and can be used on engines with up to 18:1 compression ratios. The front mounting plate on these starters allow you to rotate the starter for maximum clearance with the block, exhaust, oil pan, etc. They can be used with or without a remote starter relay.

The starter pictured at the right is a basic picture of what the replacement starter will look like for the early Jeep and Willys vehicles. These will be 12 volt versions only. No 6 volt versions are available. Please feel free to call us at (909) 794-1600 if you have any questions about a starter for your vehicle.

IMI High Torque      IMI High Torque

                      IMI High Torque                           Early Jeep & Willys

IMI High Torque
1966-1987 exc. 4.0L stock or up to 11 to 1 compression (IMI 913) $265.00
1966-1987 exc. 4.0L over 11 to 1 compression (IMI 913N) $290.00
Late models with 4.0L (IMI 913B) $300.00
1961-1971 4 Cylinder (122-009) $295.00
1961-1968 3.7L 6 Cyl. (Special Order) $320.00
1961-1965 3.8L 6 Cyl. (Special Order) $320.00
1952-1960 All 4 cyl. (122-009) $295.00
1952-1960 All 6 cyl. (118-005) $295.00
1941-1951 with 29mm drive gear (134-002) $295.00
1941-1951 with 36.5mm drive gear (134-001) $295.00