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Oldsmobile / Pontiac Starters

A high torque starter for classic car muscle.

Do yourself a favor and replace your old Delco Remy starter, that gives you a hard time starting when hot, with a mini gear reduction starter that will perform great! These Nippondenso powered starters have a 4.4:1 gear reduction. They have a custom rotatable nose to mount the starter in many different positions to get the best clearance from headers, oil pans, linkage, etc.

These starters will fit V8 Oldsmobile and Pontiac manufactured V8 blocks for the years shown. The 1.6HP model will work for compression ratios up to 11.5:1 and the 1.9HP models will crank engines up to 13:1 compression ratios. If you have a combination that does not fit into the categories below, or just have a question, please contact us and we should be able to find a replacement starter for your application.

IMI High Torque         IMI-122-001M

                     For 1965 - 1995 engines                                         Sample style of earlier models

IMI High Torque
Pontiac and Olds V8 engines 1965-1995 1.6HP (IMI 108) $265.00
Pontiac and Olds V8 engines 1965-1995 1.9HP (IMI 108N) $295.00
1968-1978 Olds Front Wheel Drive (124) $290.00
1957-1964 Olds V8 (151) $300.00
1954-1956 Olds V8 -- 12V Only (122-002) $305.00
1950-1953 Olds V8 -- 12V Only (122-001) $305.00
1961-1964 Pontiac V8 (123) $305.00
1956-1960 Pontiac V8 (155-004) $305.00
1955 Pontiac (155-002) $305.00
1949-1954 Pontiac -- 12V Only (302-007) $360.00
No Harness needed
Harness for points style ignition add $20.00