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Racing 12 Volt & 16 Volt Mini Alternators

We have small diameter alternators available for racing applications and custom vehicles without a lot of added electrical accessories. The 93mm case has mounting ears that are off-set front to rear and the 103mm case has a more common GM style mounting ear configuration. These are 1-wire units and require only the battery output cable.  Available in either 12 or 16 volt configurations. The 16V alts voltage is factory preset at 19.4 and are non-adjustable. (Please be mindful of max RPM as over 18,000RPM at the alternator can damage it internally).

93mm Case - 45 Amp 103mm case - 55 Amp   93mm Case - 50 amp Chrome

                      93mm Case                                  103mm Case                                       93mm Case - 50 amp Chrome


Quality Power
45 amp -- 93mm $140.00
80 amp -- 93mm $195.00
55 amp -- 103mm $145.00
80 amp -- 103mm $185.00
50 amp -- 93mm 1-Wire Chrome $250.00
12 Volt-1-Wire
16 Volt-1-Wire add $30.00
Plug-in regulator for use with a dash light (12 volt only)
Single V-Belt(2.5)
Single V-belt (3.0)
3 rib serpentine
4 rib serpentine