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GM Mega Amp for Late Model - 2 spool ears

Our Mega Amp alternator is designed to be a direct bolt-in replacement for most GM trucks, vans, and SUV's from 1998 through 2012. It has two 2" mounting ears and is available for the 4 pin regulator plug and the 2 pin regulator plug. Make sure to compare your regulator plug to the pictures below to make sure you have the correct one because they are not interchangeable. We can also supply it with a connector so you can externally regulate it for use with stereo or CB systems that require higher voltage. It has very good low RPM output. Call us at (909) 794-1600 if you have any questions about this unit.

Regulator location  4 Pin Plug   2 Pin Plug


Quality Power
150 Amp Max -- 120 amp idle $325.00
200 Amp Max -- 140 amp idle $390.00
250 Amp Max -- 160 amp idle $435.00
320 Amp Max -- 180 amp idle $530.00
4 Pin Regulator Plug
2 Pin Regulator Plug
Set up for use with External Regulator add $10.00
1-Wire Regulator for use as a secondary alternator add $20.00
Natural billet aluminum
Polished case (3 day build time) add $50.00
Chrome case (5 day build time) add $90.00