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12 Volt GM Negative Ground

Get that nostalgic look of a generator and the reliable charging power of an alternator all in one! These alternators are designed to fit where the original generator was mounted.

If you want the look of an original generator, but the reliability and power of a modern alternator, the PowerGen from Powermaster is the answer. The PowerGen looks just like the generator your classic car came with or it can add the traditional look to any hot rod or street rod. But this is not old technology; it's a modern, powerful alternator that can keep up with all of the latest electrical accessories you have added to your ride. PowerGENs offer one-wire operation, producing 90 amps, with a whopping 60 amps at idle and is only 1/4'' larger in diameter than a stock generator. They have a black finish just like the factory generator.

NEW: A functional light drive on the PowerGen which allows users to keep a functioning charge indicator light on the dash of their vehicle. This option helps vehicles stay even closer to factory appearance while also allowing the driver to monitor charging system problems. This change will also allow users to keep a true one-wire option if no charge indicator light is desired.

Comes with pulley for 3/8 inch belt. Other pulleys options are available upon request.

The Short GM unit is 5.95 inches between the mounting ears and the Long GM is 7.13 inches between the mounting ears. For vehicles that have the P/S units driven off the rear of the OE generator, you would have to install a separate P/S pump.

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Short Case -- Black -- Powermaster 82111-2 $495.00
Long Case -- Black -- Powermaster 82051-2 $495.00