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Late Model Large Case High Output Alternator (external fan)

Natural Aluminum Finish    Chrome alternator

Our most dependable workhorse, we use these high output alternators on Limousines, Off-Road vehicles, and Emergency vehicle command units. You can use them with confidence to provide the high amp power needed for your energy hungry accessories.

Starting with a GM CS-144 series alternator, we completely gut the unit and build it back with new components that meet our stringent specifications. It can be used to upgrade most GM alternators from 1964-2000. An adapter harness may be required for earlier models. Please email your questions concerning applications to us and we will respond quickly.

We build these units to provide upwards of 105 amps at an idle. That's as much as the original units put out at high RPM. Our high amp alternators are good for applications requiring additional charging capacity such as with auxiliary batteries, stereo systems, off-road lighting, etc. We have wiring harnesses available to adapt this unit to many different applications. Please contact us for specific details. We can also provide this same unit as a 1-Wire (pick the option below) which requires only the battery cable to be connected to the output post on the back of the alternator. These high output units are available in different mounting styles, see pictures below.

Check in our store for special brackets to use this alternator as an upgrade or a generator conversion.

NEW! We now have 300 amp units available. 

 Straight across ears       Dual Spool Ears        Off-set J Mount          Triangular Ears

Straight across ears               Dual spool ears                       Off-set J Mount                       Triangular Ears

Quality Power
150 Amp -- 115 amp idle $175.00
200 Amp -- 130 amp idle $310.00
250 Amp -- 140 amp idle $385.00
Straight across ears
Dual Spool Mount
Off-set J Mount add $20.00
Triangular ears add $20.00
Dual Spool ears drilled to fit CS130 add $10.00
HD Plug-in
1-Wire (12 volt) add $20.00
1-Wire (16 volt system only) add $35.00
Setup to use with external regulator add $50.00
Natural Aluminum Case
Chrome Case (May take 5 days to build) add $90.00
2.5” Single V-Belt Pulley
2.5” Dual V-Belt Pulley
2.5” Serpentine 6 rib Pulley
2” Single V Pulley add $15.00
2” Serpentine Pulley add $20.00