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4G Ford style High Output Alternator


These are Ford's 4G series narrow body alternators. We have them in stock and high output versions for vehicles where there is no room to mount a large case alternator. Below are the two mounting styles available.

V Mount 4G

V Mount

T Mount 4G

T Mount

Straight Across Ear Mounting

Straight Ear

Quality Power
130 Amp stock unit $185.00
160 Amp max -- 110 idle $265.00
200 Amp max -- 125 idle $335.00
250 Amp max -- 125 idle $395.00
V Mount
T Mount
Straight Ear
Standard Plug-in
1-Wire Regulator add $25.00
Non chrome
Chrome case (Special order only, Requires 5-10 days to build) add $90.00