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GM Voltage Regulators

Our voltage regulators fit most of the common GM applications using an external regulator. We have the following types:

Alternator regulator - used on early GM alternators from 1962 through 1972. This is a solid state replacement for the factory mechanical point type unit.

Generator regulator  - for use with Delco generators. Take your choice of either the 6V or 12V options below. These are all 3 terminal - case grounded and will work with either Positive or Negative ground systems.

1-Wire Conversion regulator  - It will plug in to the rear of the Delco 10DN alternators to convert to a 1-wire setup. Just connect the + to the output post on the alternator and - to the case. It has a light wire connection if you need to run a dash light.

Generator cutout  - for early generators without a regulator. This 25A cutout will work with 6V through 24V systems either positive or negative ground.


Regulator for use with early alternators      Regulator for use with GM generators        GM externally regulated conversion to 1-wire             Generator Cutout

For GM Alternators            For GM Generators        Converts external alt to 1-Wire           Generator cutout

Quality Power
Alternator Regulator $28.00
Generator Regulator $72.00
1-Wire conversion Regulator $35.00
Generator cutout $22.00
12 Volt system
6 Volt system (not required for cutout) add $9.00