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Ford Voltage Regulators

Our voltage regulators fit most of the common Ford applications using an external regulator. We have the following types:

Alternator regulator - For use with early Ford alternators from 1962 through 1986. This is a solid state replacement for the factory mechanical point type unit. The heavy duty version of this regulator has adjustable voltage up to 15.1V.

Generator regulator - Take your choice of either the 6V or 12V options below. These are mechanical 3 terminal - case grounded and will work with either Positive or Negative ground systems. 

1-Wire Conversion - Voltage regulator that will bolt on to the rear of the Ford small case 1G series alternators to convert to a 1-wire setup. Just connect the + to the output post on the alternator and the stator, field and ground to the posts on the rear of the case. It has a light wire connection if you need to run a dash light. (Call us for a 1-wire conversion regulator for the large case 1G alternators)

Generator cutout - for early generators without a regulator. This 25A max cutout will work with 6V through 24V systems either positive or negative ground. 

Extreme Duty Alternator Regulator - for applications where there are extreme temperatures, voltage spikes, or a dirty environment. Adjustable voltage from 13 - 16V.


Alternator Regulator       Generator Regulator      Ford Externally Regulated conversion to 1-Wire       Generator Cutout              Extreme Duty Regulator for Ford

   For Alternators            For Generators            1-Wire Conversion for         Generator cutout       Extreme Duty External Regulator

Quality Power
Alternator Regulator $26.00
Heavy duty version of alternator regulator above $54.00
Generator Regulator $72.00
1-Wire conversion Regulator $28.00
Generator Cutout $22.00
Extreme Duty Regulator $62.00
12 Volt system
6 Volt system (not required for cutout) add $9.00