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Racing 16 Volt High Amp Alternators

We have 16V alternators for use with high voltage systems commonly used in racing applications. These alternators are a 1-wire hookup and the voltage can be user adjusted up to 18.6 volts on the CS130 and CS144 series. We preset the voltage on the 10SI  alternators at a maximum set point of 18.6V which will keep your 16V battery correctly charged. You have your choice of three different alternator designs. 

10SI Series Alternator        CS130 Series Alternator        CS144 Series Alternator

   10SI Series                 CS130 Series                  CS144 Series

Disclaimer: 16 Volt Precautions
To eliminate the chance of electrical component failure when using 16 volts, the following procedures should be followed:
1. A 16-volt battery requires in excess of 18 volts to charge and, if subjected to this higher voltage, certain electrical components could be damaged.
2. Wiring throughout the car should not be lighter than 16 gauge. Any wiring in the car lighter than 16 gauge should be replaced when running 16 volts.
3. Check with electrical component manufacturers as to 16-Volt compatibility.

Quality Power
10SI series -- 100 amp max $155.00
CS130 series -- 135 amp max -- straight across ears $185.00
CS130 series -- 135 amp max -- off-set ears $185.00
CS130 series -- 150 amp max -- straight across ears $210.00
CS130 series -- 150 amp max -- off-set ears $210.00
CS144 series -- 150 amp max $225.00
CS144 series -- 200 amp max $345.00
CS144 series -- 250 amp max $395.00
CS144 series -- 300 amp max $445.00
3/8” V-Belt
1/2” V-Belt
6 rib Serpentine
Non chrome
Chrome case (10SI only) add $20.00
Chrome case (CS130 or CS144 only) add $90.00