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Motorola Replacement Alternator

This is an easy, high amp, replacement for original Motorola or Mando alternators on boats or industrial equipment.

Our GM 10SI Alternator is made to bolt in and replace Motorola and Mando alternators in Marine and Industrial applications. It requires only the battery cable to be hooked up at the rear of the unit for the 1-wire style. Use the 3-wire style for applications that need a dash light or tach hookup. 

These are available in 61 or 100 amp versions. We build these units to provide up to 55 amps at an idle. That's as much as the original units put out at high RPM.

1-Wire Alternator     3-Wire Style     J Mount 1-Wire

    1-Wire (Self exciting)                   3-Wire (Ignition activated)                   J-Mount (Self Exciting)


Quality Power
61 Amp max -- 55 amp idle $130.00
100 Amp max -- 65 amp idle $145.00
1-Wire Straight Ear
3-Wire Straight Ear
J-mount 1-Wire
Single V-Belt
Double V-Belt
Serpentine Belt