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Delco 28SI Series High Output Alternators

These 28SI series high amp alternators are the newest in technology and are a great retrofit for older vehicles. They will replace the older style units listed below with the same mounting and connections as the original units. The 28SI series alternators are capable of producing much better output at low RPM (idle). You can pick from the available amperages we have below. Please feel free to call us at (909) 794-1600 if you have any questions.


  • Delco 21SI, 22SI, 24SI (J mount and pad mount)
  • Leece Neville 2500 - 2800 series (J mounts)
  • Leece Neville 4800 - 4900 series (J mount and Pad mount
  • Motorola 12V units (J mount and Pad mount)

NOTE: Can be used on applications with self-exciting, DUVAC (remote sense), and/or ignition triggered OE systems. Also has a tach terminal.

28SI J Mount Front Side  28SI J Mount Rear Side
J Mounts Front and Rear Views

28SI Pad Mount Front Side  28SI Pad Mount Rear Side
Pad Mounts Front and Rear Views

Quality Power
160 Amp Max -- 110 Amp idle $295.00
200 Amp Max -- 130 Amp idle $345.00
240 Amp Max -- 150 Amp idle $395.00
270 Amp Max -- 180 Amp idle $495.00
J Mount to replace Delco 21, 22, & 24SI
J Mount to replace 2800 & 4800 series Leece Neville and Motorola
Pad Mount fits all Delco, Motorola, and Leece Neville
No Pulley
8 Rib Serpentine add $25.00
Double Groove V Belt add $25.00