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GM Mega Amp - Narrow Ear for March brackets - 6.1" Mount

We have developed a high output alternator in a case the size of most CS-130 alternators. The mounting distance on this alternator is 6.1" which is a common mounting used with March and other high end aftermarket brackets. These are perfect for getting the amperage you need at max and low RPM. They provide the following benefits:

  • Amperages up to 320 amp
  • Optional 1-wire regulator
  • 6 Phase stator provides tremendous low RPM output
  • Direct bolt-in replacement for CS-121 and CS-130 GM narrow ear 6.1" mounts
  • Easy mounting for custom applications where space is a concern
  • Great looking custom made billet aluminum case
  • Can operate dash charging light with plug-in regulator
  • Superior cooling with dual internal fans to withstand high underhood temperatures
  • Weighs just 12 pounds
  • Dual rectifiers on all units
  • Output post can be provided on the rear or side for better clearance (side post pictured)

High Output Alternator for March brackets

Quality Power
150 Amp Max -- 120 amp idle $325.00
200 Amp Max -- 140 amp idle $390.00
250 Amp Max -- 160 amp idle $435.00
320 Amp max -- 180 amp idle $495.00
Natural billet aluminum
Polished case add $50.00
Chrome case add $90.00
2 Pivot ear (common on GM vehicles)
1 Pivot ear (used on AMC / Jeep or for custom installations)
Plug-in regulator (CS130D/AD244 style)
1-Wire regulator
Set up to use with an External Regulator add $30.00
Single V-Belt Pulley
Double V-Belt Pulley
6 Rib Serpentine Pulley
No Adapter harness needed
10DN to Mega Amp (GM external regulator) add $20.00
10SI to Mega Amp (GM internal 2 wire plug) add $20.00
CS130 / CS144 to Mega Amp (GM rectangular 4 pin) add $20.00
New Install Harness (W1223) add $20.00