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Late Model Large Case High Output Alternator (internal fan)

Beef up your late model GM vehicle with higher output than your factory alternator.

NEW! We now have 320 and 370 amp units available.

Using a Delco AD244 series alternator, we install a heavier wound stator and higher amp rectifier and rotor to give these units more bottom end power and higher total amperage output. These high output alternators will mount and plug in exactly the same as your original OEM alternator found on most full-sized GM vehicles from 1997-2014 and will also replace the smaller case version on these same vehicles.

SPECIAL NOTE: Applications for 2005 and later vehicles can use either a 4 pin (oval) or 2 pin (square) regulator plug as pictured below. These are not interchangable with each other. Please check the wiring on your vehicle before ordering or call us at (909) 794-1600 if you have any questions. 

4 pin regulator  2 pin regulator  Dual Spool Mounting T Mount

   4 Pin Regulator           2 Pin Regulator            Dual Spool Mount            T Mount

Quality Power
145 Amp Max -- 110 amp idle $175.00
160 Amp Max -- 120 amp idle $200.00
200 Amp Max -- 135 amp idle $330.00
250 Amp Max -- 145 amp idle $400.00
320 Amp Max -- 180 amp idle -- (Dual spool mount only) $465.00
250 Amp Max --200amp idle -- (Dual spool mount only) $495.00
370 Amp Max -- 250 amp idle -- (Dual spool mount only) $595.00
Dual Spool Mount
T Mount (2002-2008) 4.2L GM and SAAB models
4 pin regulator plug
2 pin regulator plug
1-wire for use as a secondary alternator add $20.00
Set up for use with an external regulator add $40.00
Standard 6 rib 2.5” Serpentine pulley
Overdrive 6 rib 2.0” Serpentine Pulley add $20.00