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Leece Neville 4800 - 4900 Series style Alternators

J Mount    Pad Mount     T Mounting Style

       J Mount Style                     Pad Mount Style                      T Mount Style

Quality Power provides these Leece Neville style replacement alternators to fit a range of medium to heavy duty trucks and buses, as well as for marine, off-highway, agricultural, construction, and automotive vehicles. We also offer high output alternators to upgrade your School Bus, Transit Bus, Shuttle Bus, Tour Bus, Ambulance or Emergency Vehicle. These high output alternators are specifically designed for Trucks, Emergency Vehicle, Transit and other applications where very high amperages are required. These units are sold outright, no core required. Pick from the available amperages, regulator type, and terminal configurations pictured below or CLICK HERE to view the Leece Neville service and sales numbers to find the correct unit. Can also be ordered with dual positive posts on the dual rectified units. (Dual positive posts are not available on the internal rectifier units). Alternators are supplied without pulleys unless ordered as an option below.

Internal Rectifier     External Dual Rectifier       Left-hand Positive Terminal     Right-hand Positive Terminal

Internal Rectifier      External Dual Rectifier     Left-hand Positive    Right-hand Positive

NEW - We now have a better (newer technology) replacement for these older style Leece Neville units. The Delco 28SI series alternators. Click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Quality Power
175 Amp 12V (internal rectifier only) $400.00
185 Amp 12V (internal rectifier) $420.00
185 Amp 12V (dual rectifier) $480.00
200 Amp 12V (internal rectifier) $460.00
200 Amp 12V (dual rectifier) $520.00
240 Amp 12V (dual rectifier only) $560.00
270 Amp 12V (dual rectifier only) $660.00
320 Amp 12V (dual rectifier only) $760.00
360 Amp 12V (dual rectifier only) $790.00
105 Amp 24V (internal rectifier) $550.00
140 Amp 24V (dual rectifier only) $675.00
200 Amp 24V (dual rectifier only) $785.00
250 Amp 24V (dual rectifier only) $875.00
125 Amp 32 Volt (special order only) $600.00
J Mount
Pad Mount
T Mount (Replacement unit may differ in appearance)
Self Exciting
Ignition Trigger
External Regulator
Right-hand Positive
Left-hand Positive
Universal Dual Positive Posts (for dual rectifier units only)
No Pulley
Double V-Belt Pulley add $25.00
8 rib Serpentine Pulley add $25.00
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