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Leece Neville 2500 - 2800 Series style Alternators

These Leece Neville style replacement alternators are available in 130, 160, or 200 amp replacements for the original factory 130 amp units. They will provide about 120 amps of power at idle (depending on pulley diameter) We have used specially wound stators and have installed the best diodes and regulator available. Our alternators are sold outright, no core required.

If you are not sure if these units will fit your factory alternator, CLICK HERE to view a list of OE model numbers that our units will replace. If you see your old unit on the list, look at the righthand column to see what regulator style was used on the OE unit.

NEW - We now have a better (newer technology) replacement for these older style Leece Neville units. The Delco 28SI series alternators. Click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Quality Power
130 Amp 12 Volt -- $240.00
160 Amp 12 Volt -- $270.00
200 Amp 12 Volt -- $300.00
100 Amp 24 Volt -- $320.00
60 Amp 32 Volt (special order only) $360.00
Self Exciting
Ignition Triggered
External Regulator
No Pulley
Double V-Belt add $25.00
8 Rib Serpentine add $25.00
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